Pasante Size Mix 20 pieces

Pasante Size Mix 20 Pieces - Condoms

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Pasante Size Mix 20 Pieces Condoms



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Have you ever tried a condom and didn't feel comfortable? Too small, and the condom may break or be uncomfortable. Too large, and the condom could slip off.

That's why we created the Pasante Size Mix. This pack contains 4 condoms of 5 different sizes offered at a bargain price. Try them and you will know which size is best suited for you.

And Girls, with the Pasante Size Mix you will be ready to face any situation. Big or tiny, your one night stand will be worth it!
Pasante Size Mix- Because size DOES matter.

• 4 x Pasante Trim (49mm)
• 4 x Pasante Delay (52mm)
• 4 x Pasante Regular (54mm)
• 4 x Pasante King (60mm)
• 4 x Pasante Super King (69mm)


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