What happens now with my order? (after receiving shipping confirmation)


After receiving the shipping confirmation you order is on it's way to you. It is not possible to make any more changes after you received the shipping confirmation mail. 

The delivery time depends on which country you ordered to. But it normally takes 3-6 working days. This means you can expect your order to arrive 3-6 working days after your received the shipping confirmation mail. If you did not receive your order after 5-6 days please do not worry. Your order is most likely just slightly delayed during transportation. If you still did not receive your order after 7 working days after receiving the shipping confirmation please make sure to contact us. We will then help you to find your order ([email protected]com).

For every order that was paid and shipped you receive reward points. You can use the reward points the next time you shop with us and save money. Every time you order you receive 5% of the order's value in reward points (purchase of €20 = 20 reward points or €1 less on the next order!). To check how many reward points you have collected you can log into your customer account. Reward points expire after 6 month.

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