Mates Skyn Original - Condoms

Mates Skyn Original - Condoms

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Skyn Original 1 Piece Condom (Loose)



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Skyn Original 10 Pieces Condoms (Loose)



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Skyn Original 10 Pieces Condoms (Box)
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Skyn Original 20 Pieces Condoms (Loose)



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Skyn Original 40 Pieces Condoms (Loose)



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Get ready to experience the next generation in condoms. Mates Skyn is a revolutionary condom made from Sensoprene (non latex), making it softer and much more flexible, all with the strength of a latex condom. In short it feels like the closest thing to wearing nothing. Combines the strength of premium latex with the sensitivity of an ultra-thin condom for that Skyn on Skyn sensation. An ideal choice for those with a known of suspected allergy to natural rubber latex. Mates Skyn have a softer more natural feeling and have been clinically proven to enhance the experience.


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