Joy Division BIOglide Neutral 150ml

Joy Division BIOglide Neutral - Lubricants

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Joy Division BIOglide Neutral 40ml Lubricants
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Joy Division BIOglide Neutral 150ml Lubricants
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The Joy Division BIOglide Neutral is 100 % natural and vegan and has been specially developed as a gentle aid to vaginal lubrication and to soothe complaints in the genital area so that users can once more enjoy pain-free sex. Joy Division BIOglide Neutral lubricant combines long-lasting lubrication with certified natural ingredients. This lubricant is completely free from synthetic fragrances, colourants and preservatives.

• Natural ingredients, natural pleasure: 100 % natural + vegan lubricant
• Free from synthetic fragrances, colourings and preservatives
• Certified as natural: Natural Product Standard approved by BDiH
• Dermatologically and clinically tested
• A carbon-neutral product
• Class I medical product
• Free from animal testing
• pH-optimised
• Water-soluble and fat-free
• Ideal for use with latex condoms
• Suitable for oral intercourse
• Ideal for use with sex toys


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