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Durex Intense Orgasmic condoms Durex Intense Orgasmic - Condoms

Lubricated with a stimulating gel to increase sensitivity of her intimate areas



Durex Extended Pleasure - Condoms Durex Extended Pleasure - Condoms

Special lube to control climax and help you last longer during sex!



Durex Mutual Climax - Condoms Durex Mutual Climax - Condoms

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Speeds her up and slows him down! Ribbed and dotted for her pleasure and a climax delay lubricant to help him.



Durex Pleasure Me - Condoms Durex Pleasure Me - Condoms

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Durex Pleasure Me (Pleasuremax) – Try Durex Pleasure Me (Pleasuremax) to achieve maximum pleasure.



Durex Intense Orgasmic Gel 10ml Durex Intense Orgasmic Gel - Lubricants

Special formula that brings sensual waves of warming, cooling or tingling sensation



Durex Real Feel Durex Real Feel - Condoms

Next generation condoms with RealFeel™ material for a natural skin on skin feeling.



Durex Ultra Thin Feel - Condoms Durex Ultra Thin Feel - Condoms

20% thinner than Durex standard latex condoms



Durex Extra Safe - Condoms Durex Extra Safe - Condoms

Designed for a very comfortable fit with extra lubricant for more fun and great reassurance.




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