Mix Pack



EXS Mega Mix EXS Mega Mix 48p Condoms

The ultimate condom mix from EXS is here! This mix bag has it all. Not to be missed!




Pasante Size Mix 20 pieces Pasante Size Mix 20 Pieces - Condoms

A mix pack of 5 different sizes - The perfect condom pack if you are not sure what's right for you.



Pasante Taste - 72 Condoms Pasante Taste - 72 Condoms

A mix of flavoured and coloured condoms for extra fun



Billy Boy Mix Sortiment - Condoms Billy Boy Mix Sortiment - Condoms

A mix of different, colourful Billy Boy condoms. This surprise package offers 50/100 brightly coloured condoms.



RFSU Mixed RFSU Mix Pack - Condoms

A large mix of the most popular RFSU condoms.



Amor Big Mix - Condoms Amor Big Mix - Condoms

The real mega mix of condoms from Amor



Condomi Mix - Condoms Condomi Mix - Condoms

An exciting mix of condoms with different characteristics



Billy Boy Fun Selection - Condoms Billy Boy Fun Selection - Condoms

Mix it up - Coloured and dotted condoms for more variety




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