Polyurethane is a odour-less, transparent and very safe material. It is very tear-proof and impervious thus providing great protection from bacteria, viruses and pregnancy. Compared to latex the material is very thin, making condoms from polyurethane thinner thus allowing for more feelings.


Durex Latex Free x 12 Durex Latex Free - Condoms

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A latex free and extra thin condom for extreme sensations!



Protex Original 0.02 - Condoms Protex Original 0.02 - Condoms

A latex free condom that are extremely thin and the sexual experience is completely different to any other condom.



RFSU So Sensitive - Condoms RFSU So Sensitive - Condoms

An extra thin, latex free condom. Ideal for those with latex allergy.



Pasante Sensiva - Condoms Pasante Sensiva - Condoms

Latex free, transparent and teat ended super thin condom.



Durex Real Feel - Condoms Durex Real Feel - Condoms

Next generation condoms with RealFeel™ material for a natural skin on skin feeling.



Pasante Unique - Condoms Pasante Unique - Condoms

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A revolutionary condom in both its design and material.




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