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Durex Extended Pleasure - Condoms Durex Extended Pleasure - Condoms

Special lube to control climax and help you last longer during sex!



Billy Boy Endurance Billy Boy Endurance - Condoms

Features a clever integrated ring design, providing longer lasting pleasure for you and your partner.



Manix Endurance Manix Endurance - Condoms

Condoms with a special lubricant to prolong sexual excitement



Mates Skyn Original - Condoms Mates Skyn Original - Condoms

2 recension(er)

A revolutionary latex free condom making it softer for a more natural feeling. Almost like wearing nothing.



RFSU Profil - Condoms RFSU Profil - Condoms

1 recension(er)

Anatomically designed condom for better fit. Sweden's best-selling condom



RFSU Thin - Condoms RFSU Thin - Condoms

Extra thin condom with extra lubricant for a closer feeling



Durex Intense Orgasmic condoms Durex Intense Orgasmic - Condoms

Lubricated with a stimulating gel to increase sensitivity of her intimate areas



Pasante Size Mix 20p Pasante Size Mix 20 Pieces - Condoms

A mix pack of 5 different sizes - The perfect condom pack if you are not sure what's right for you.




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